About Sheffield Climate Alliance

Our Vision

We want to see a thriving, successful climate movement in the city region, shaping a region where companies, public bodies and individuals urgently make the changes to:

  • Create a thriving region and a thriving planet
  • Meet the needs of all people in our region  within the means of the living planet
  • Reduce climate change and its impact on South Yorkshire
  • Seek solutions to climate change which are just, and reduce inequality.

Our Mission

Sheffield Climate Alliance facilitates growth in the climate change movement, and provides a platform for organisations in South Yorkshire to collaborate on campaigns which:

  • Increase understanding of the causes and effects of climate change and the just solutions to it.
  • Take action to mitigate, adapt and build resilience to climate change on both an individual and system scale.

Who is part of it?

We want to involve and include all, and believe the best way to achieve this is if we all work together as allies.  Any individual or organisation in South Yorkshire and its surroundings who shares our vision, and wants to play a part in carrying out our mission- you’re an ally!  And if you’re an ally, we consider you part of our Alliance.

Individual groups, campaigns, etc, who work with the Alliance all have their own autonomy to make decisions, set goals and priorities.

As an Alliance, we will strive to support climate action, and find areas of synergy where we can achieve more collectively. We will work to bring the region together and develop a common purpose.

How we support our allies

SCA acts as a ‘hub’ for climate action, supporting citizens, community and campaign groups to achieve high impact, effective action.

Coordination and Facilitation

We help people work together to effect change. To do this we support:

  • Communication and Engagement
  •  Community  grass roots action to directly lower our region’s greenhouse gas emissions
  •  The coordinated lobbying of politicians, bodies of power and stakeholders to urgently adopt climate solutions.

Providing ‘infrastructure’ to support activities

We can help with the background stuff of ‘being an organisation’ to help you focus your efforts on your campaigns!

For example: training, support from our staff, a spot on the groups page of this website, newsletter, bank account, and policies such as whistleblower, equal opportunities and safeguarding.  We can ‘host’ new groups which are starting up with SCA infrastructure, until they are ready to move on to use their own  structures. A previous example of this is Sheffield Against Fracking, for which we held funds until they had their own account.

Meet the Team

The Sheffield Climate Alliance Trustees are responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of the charity, developing the organisation’s aims, objectives and goals in accordance with the governing document, legal and regulatory guidelines and trust in the charity.

Craig Gamble -Pugh (co-chair)
Jenny Carpenter (co-chair)
Rob Last (Treasurer)
Sean Ashton
Beverly Booker
Margot Fox
John Grant
Sam Walby

Rachael Hand (SCA worker)

To contact the trustees or the worker please email: info@sheffieldclimatealliance.net